Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S), The Only Good System Is a Soundsystem, 2021. Photo, Ese Jade  Onojero
Weaving together archival images, the installation reflects the ways in which marginalised groups have developed met

Undercurrent 528 (2021) 

Evan Ifekoya‘s Undercurrent 528 draws on Stephen Dwoskin’s complex relationship with care, desire and everyday rituals as made visible in his vast oeuvre and reorients it from Ifekoya’s perspective. A series of invitations were sent out by Ifekoya to their extended black, queer and trans community for a dancer, a drummer, a gathering around breath and breathing and a sonic response to these images. This new video work explores the relationship between documentation and liveness, opening portals of intimacy by bringing people together through different spaces and time. It is part of a series of works exploring the reparative dimension of sound and its potential as a gateway to alternate aspects of our reality.

Director: Even Ifekoya 
DOP: Rufai  Ajala
Producer: Ese J Onojeruo